Class of 1968

Cuyahoga Falls High School, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

It's ON !!

The 71in21 Birthday Party will be held on Saturday, October 2, at Lions Park Lodge*, at Silver Lake Avenue & 6th Street. We've been trying to get Quirk Center for the event, but so far CFO is still not taking reservations.

This is still a work in progress, but here's a tentative agenda:

☼ We'll get together at Beau's On The River and/or The Jetty (inside the Sheraton) on Friday evening, 10/1, for drinks and pleasant conversation.

☼ The party will start at Lions Park* some time after noon on Saturday. Laconi's will provide pizza. We'll provide soft drinks, coffee, pop, birthday cake, and ice cream. Unforunately for many, the Cuyahoga Falls website says that "No person will bring into, keep, carry, serve, or drink any beverage containing alcohol inside or outside the premises." Later, people who want to can head on out to their favorite restaurant or watering hole for dinner & drinks. We'll provide a list of recommended places.

For those who want to stick around, we have reserved the facility until 10:00, so there'll be activities at the lodge, including some trivia games, and, of course, a sock hop.

☼ On Sunday, those who so desire will meet at the Sheraton for brunch (Dutch treat, of course).

Keep in mind, this is not a full-blown reunion, so we won't be providing meals (except for Saturday's pizza). Attendees are on their own for food and overnight accommodations.

A full list of activities and times will follow as soon as the schedule has been finalized, but it's on!! Save the date!

Please IM me on Facebook if you have any questions or suggestions, and I'll run them past the committee. Or, send questions to, and they will be forwarded to me.

*If we can manage to secure Quirk Center (Grant School), the location will be changed. I'll post notices here as soon as anything changes.

Wayne Swickley