70th Birthday Reunion

Well, folks, you haven't heard from the 70-in-'20 committee for a while, because we've been patiently waiting until June to decide whether to cancel or go ahead with the August 20-22 birthday events planned for the Pavilion and the Quirk Culture Center. We were hoping and praying that we'd be able to go ahead with it as planned, that a COVID-19 vaccine or cure would (somehow) be available by the middle of August.

The City of Cuyahoga Falls has made up our minds for us. The City has cancelled all city-sponsored events downtown for the summer. While our event isn't sponsored by the city, we don't feel it would be wise to swim against the current and hold it.

😒We're sad to say that we are cancelling the Class of 1968 70-in-'20 Birthday Party. 😒

Stay tuned, though.

We are going to keep the schedule of events that we've already mapped out, and we'll see what we can do about getting a weekend next summer to have a Class of 1968 71-in-'21 Birthday Party. There may be a change in venues, but we can all get together for a cake-and-ice-cream celebration once the present situation is behind us.

We'll be back in the Spring.

Happy Birthday to all.

Stay Healthy.